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Policy LDA
Student Teaching and Internships
School Board Approved: August 15, 2005

The School Board recognizes the student teacher program as an important aspect of a future teacher's education. Therefore, the Board will cooperate with institutions of higher education in training student teachers.

All persons involved in this program must recognize that the first and primary responsibility of the District is to the students within its schools. If at any time a student teacher becomes unacceptable, the District reserves the right to refuse that student teacher further teaching experience within the District.

Student teachers who work in the District shall be accepted only after approval of the Superintendent and the Principal of the building in which the person is to teach.

Student teachers are restricted to not more than three non-consecutive days of substitute teaching, except in emergency situations.

Student teachers shall be subject to a Criminal History Records Check prior to working in the District. The cost of the Criminal History Records Check is to be paid by the student teacher.

Legal References:
RSA 189:13-a, School Employee and Volunteer Background Investigations

Section L
Policy Manual

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