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Policy KI
Visitors to Schools
School Board Approved: January 23, 2012

For the safety of students and staff, all persons, other than staff and pupils enrolled in the school, who may come to the school for any reason during the school day are considered visitors (any person(s) not employed by the school system) and must report and sign in at the school principal’s office. Other district level employees (directors, coordinators, maintenance staff members, and others) are to advise the school principal or secretary that they are in the building upon entering.

All visitors must:

  • first report to the school principal’s office
  • state the intended purpose and place of the visit
  • receive permission to be on the school grounds

Persons wishing to meet with a teacher for the purpose of discussing a particular problem shall do so only at a time when it does not interrupt the normal school program. Persons wishing to make such arrangements may do so by securing an appointment with the teacher through the office of the principal or by direct contact with the teacher.

To avoid disruption to the educational environment and to protect the rights of students, parents, guardians and other visitors may not attend classes with the students and are not permitted to observe classroom instruction. Any parent, guardian or other visitor wishing to observe or attend a class during instructional time must obtain permission from the Superintendent or Superintendent’s designee.

Section K
Policy Manual

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