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Policy KEC
Public Concerns/Complaints About Instructional Resources
School Board Approved: February 21, 2022

If a person has a concern with a material, the first step is to speak with the classroom teacher or librarian, whichever is applicable. If the person still has a concern, the next step is to initiate the reconsideration process by contacting the building principal for the Request for Reconsideration of Instructional Resources form. The person will submit the completed form to the Principal.

The Principal, upon receipt of a completed Request for Reconsideration of Instructional Resources, will initiate the established procedure for reviewing the request. The Media Review Committee will have 45 school days to meet, discuss, and provide a report.

The written report will be given to the school Principal and the Superintendent of Schools. The school Principal will share the report with the complainant. If the complainant is dissatisfied, the next step is to submit the request to the Superintendent of Schools for action, whose decision will be final.

During the reconsideration process, the material will remain in use unless the Media Review Committee votes to remove or restrict the material until a final decision is made. Once the final decision has been made, the material in question cannot be brought up for reconsideration again until two years from the date of the final decision.

Section K
Policy Manual

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