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Policy KDA
Public Information/School Communications Program
School Board Approved: August 19, 2019

The Board strives to keep families and the community informed of the affairs of the district. To achieve its goals for good school-community relations and maintenance of open two-way channels of communication with public, the Board authorizes the Superintendent to:

  • Prepare or guide the preparation of informational materials including the annual report, newsletters, articles for periodicals, newspapers and/or radio releases, special pamphlets and other assigned material, and to maintain close liaison with news media and publicity organizations.
  • Provide staff members with resources for preparation of material for community and staff distribution to include but not be limited to the district website, handbooks, information leaflets, etc.
  • Organize or assist in development of speakers' bureaus and speaking engagements with civic, PTA, church and other groups.
  • Assist in coordinating work with civic and other groups which support the school system.

The Board expects that “affairs of the district” will include but not be limited to school performance, student progress, personalized learning strategies, and academic opportunities as detailed in the JRCSD Communication Plan.

Legal References:
NH Code of Administration Rules, Section Ed. 306.04(a)(11), Policy Development
NH Code of Administration Rules, Section Ed. 306.04(k), Policy Development\\

Section K
Policy Manual

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