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Policy KCD
Public Gifts and Donations
School Board Approved: November 6, 2023

Gifts from organizations, community groups and/or outside individuals, which will benefit the District, shall be encouraged. A gift shall be defined as money, real or personal property, and personal services provided without consideration.

Individuals or groups contemplating raising funds or presenting a gift to a school or the district shall be encouraged to discuss in advance with the building principal or the superintendent what gifts are appropriate and needed.

Employees contemplating raising funds using their position or District’s name or description for a gift to a JRCSD School or for the use of the District or its students or employees shall have written permission from the Superintendent. The Superintendent shall not approve such efforts if it is for items or funds that are generally funded within the operating budget. The funding shall be for additional items or funding that is generally considered additional to the regular operating budget.

The board reserves the right to refuse to accept any gift which does not contribute toward the achievement of the goals of this district or the ownership of which would tend to deplete the resources of the district. In determining whether a gift will be accepted, consideration shall be given to district policies, school district goals and objectives (with particular emphasis on the goal of providing equal educational opportunities to all students).

Gifts of a value of $100 or less will be accepted by the authority of the appropriate principal or director. Gifts of a value in excess of $100, but up to $499.99 will be accepted by the authority of the Superintendent or designee. For gifts valued between $500 and $19,999.99, the Board will post a notice of the gift in the agenda of the next regularly scheduled board meeting and will include notice in the minutes of the meeting in which the gift is discussed. The acceptance of these gifts will be made in public session.

Pursuant to RSA 198:20-b, III, gifts in the amount of $20,000* or more shall require the board to hold a public hearing regarding any action to be taken with this gift. Any gift accepted shall become the property of the district, may not be returned without the approval of the board, and is subject to the same controls and regulations as are other properties of the district. The board shall be responsible for the maintenance of any gift it accepts.

At the time of acceptance of the gift, there will be a definite understanding with regard to the use of the gift, including whether it is intended for the use of one particular school or all schools in the district. The board will make every effort to honor the intent of the donor in its use of the gift, but reserves the right to utilize any gift it accepts in the best interest of the educational program of the district. In no case shall acceptance of a gift be considered to be an endorsement by the board of a commercial product or business enterprise or institution of learning.

It is the responsibility of the Superintendent or designee to process the appropriate forms to update inventory and to notify the donor of acceptance or rejection of a gift.

*HB 207 updated July 2023

**Legal References:

Section K
Policy Manual

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