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 +**Policy GCQB\\
 +Exit Interviews\\
 +School Board Approved: September 19, 2022**
 +The purpose of the exit interview is to find out:\\
 +  * Evaluate the reasons employees leave to identify any underlying trends.\\
 +  * Gain information about working for the school to identify any areas/​issues that could be improved or addressed in order to retain high caliber employees.\\
 +  * Discern what the School District is doing well to ensure that these practices continue.\\
 +**Exit Interview Survey**\\
 +An exit interview survey should be completed for each interview, either in person with Human Resources or online. The form will ensure that the information is collected in a fair and consistent manner and will help the School District to identify:\\
 +  * Patterns as to why employees leave.\\
 +  * Any improvements that could be made to development opportunities within the School District.\\
 +  * Comparisons of remuneration/​benefits and areas of benefits that could be considered in the future.\\
 +Employees should be encouraged to take part in an exit interview. The interview should only be conducted with employees who are either:\\
 +  * Resigning from their current post to leave the School District\\
 +  * Moving to another post in a different School District\\
 +  * Retiring from the District\\
 +Completing the Exit Interview Form is optional.\\
 +Ideally the exit interview should take place on the employee’s final day of employment. However, you may need to be flexible with the time frame as a result of annual leave, etc.\\
 +The Human Resources Administrator will initiate sending the online survey and, as necessary, carry out the exit interview with the employee who is leaving. ​ \\
 +**Confidentiality and Purpose**\\
 +Confidentiality must be assured. Comments made, whether written or verbal, will have no bearing on future events, e.g. a request for a reference. Any information obtained by the interview process and through the Exit Interview survey should be retained by the Superintendent of Schools. It will not be placed in an employee’s personnel file. This information will serve to support the District’s analysis of potential trends relating to retention of staff, Human Resource related training needs, and District professional culture and climate.\\
 +{{::​gcqb_exit_interviews.pdf |Download}}\\
 +[[section_g|Section G]]\\
 +[[start|Policy Manual]]
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