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Policy ECA
School Board Approved: August 29, 2022

The board both encourages and requires close cooperation with local police and fire departments, and with insurance company inspectors.

Records and funds shall be kept in a safe place and under lock and key when required.

Access to school buildings and grounds outside of regular school hours shall be limited to personnel whose work requires it. An adequate key control system shall be established which will limit access to buildings to authorized personnel and will safeguard against the potential of entrance to buildings by keys in the hands of unauthorized persons.

Exterior doors shall be closed and locked at all times.

A building being used by an authorized school or community group in the evening, or on non-school days, shall be opened for such activity and secured again after its conclusion.

No unauthorized person or group shall be granted access to a secured building by an employee. Authorization may be granted only by the Board, by the Superintendent and his/her staff, and by the Principal of the School.

Propping of exterior doors in the school building is prohibited. Classroom windows and doors are to be locked when the teachers leave the building.

In addition to this policy, the Superintendent is charged with establishing further safety and security provisions as may be necessary.

The building principal is responsible for enforcing this policy.

Section E
Policy Manual

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