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Policy BIE
Board Member Insurance/Liability
School Board Approved: June 6, 2016

The members of the Board and its employees and agents act as agents of the District. None of these individuals should be placed in a position of personal liability for the performance of the responsibilities vested in them by the voters of the District and the state and federal governments.

In order to protect the individual members of the Board, its employees and other agents, and the educational interest of the community, the Board will purchase, from public school funds, in the absence of governmental immunity or in coordination with governmental immunity, adequate insurance to indemnify Board members and agents of the District for their official actions in the service of the School District.

Legal References:
RSA 31:104, Powers and Duties of Towns: Liability of Municipal Executives
RSA 31:105, Powers and Duties of Towns: Indemnification for Damages
RSA 31:106, Powers and Duties of Towns: Indemnification: Civil Rights Act
RSA 31:107, Powers and Duties of Towns: Purchase of Insurance\\

Section B
Policy Manual

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