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Policy BEDB
School Board Approved: May 2, 2016

The Superintendent and the Board Chair shall work together to set the agenda for the Board.

Items to be placed in the agenda should be in the hands of the Superintendent on or before the seventh day preceding the meeting. Every Board member has the right to place items on the agenda. Items not included in the agenda may be brought before the meeting provided it is agreed to by the Board. However, the Board may choose not to deal with every agenda item.

Items of business may also be suggested by staff member, student, or citizen of the District. The inclusion of items suggested by staff members, students, or citizens shall be at the discretion of the Superintendent and Chairperson. The agenda, however, shall always allow suitable time for the remarks of the members of the public who wish to speak briefly before the Board.

The Board shall follow the order of business set up by the agenda unless the order is altered by a majority vote of the members present. Items of business not on the agenda may be discussed and acted upon if a majority of the Board agrees to consider them. The Board, however, may not revise Board policies, or adopt new ones, unless such action has been scheduled, or unless there is an emergency.

The agenda, together with supporting materials, shall be distributed to Board members at least four days prior to the Board meeting, to permit them to give items of business careful consideration. Board Members shall be expected to read the information provided them and to contact the Superintendent to request additional information that may be deemed necessary to assist them in their decision-making responsibilities. The agenda shall also be made available to the press and others upon request.

Section B
Policy Manual

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