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Policy BA
School Board Operational Goals
School Board Approved: April 4, 2016

Each year the Jaffrey-Rindge School Board will formulate goals and objectives. The goals and objectives may include but are not limited to the board functions of visions, structure, accountability and advocacy

The following areas of Board operations and relationships are representative of those in which objectives may be set and progress appraised:

  • Board meetings
  • Policy development
  • Fiscal management
  • Board role in educational program development
  • Board member orientation
  • Board member development
  • Board officer performance
  • Board-Superintendent relationship
  • Board-staff relationships
  • Board-community relationships
  • Legislative and government relationships
  • Risk management

Legal References:
NH Code of Administrative Rules, Section ED. 303.01 (g), Substantive Duties of School Boards

Section B
Policy Manual

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